Some years ago the law was changed to allow solicitors and lawyers to advertise. Since then we have seen a compensation culture supported by companies that actively encourage claims for even the most trivial of alleged injuries or offences.

Why is this idea important?

This has had a detrimental impact on society. No activities can now be planned or envisaged without spending 90% of planning on risk assessments. These rarely improve safety, they are simply about covering your back to prevent you losing your house if you are sued.

This situation prevents participation in even the most basic organisations such as scouting, youth clubs and school governerships.

Legal claims against the health service and councils for event the most trivial of alleged failures have reached epedemic levels and cost us many, many millions

Similarly, all insurance premiums have risen as American style litigation has hit our shores.

Legal advertising needs to be restricted to listings in phone directories. Any advertising by Legal Claims companies (ambulance chasers) needs to be banned.

We might then be able to get on with life, with all its risks and accept our own responsibility for those risks. After all, life is ultimately fatal.

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