I agree with the law that bans smoking in public places. BUT  please repeal the law that requires a non-smoking sign to be displayed at the entrance to all public venues.

Why is this idea important?

1. It is unnecessary to display a non-smoking sign. Everyone knows about the law and we don't need nagging.

2. The signs originally distributed for display are becoming old and tatty. In many cases the signs are incongruent – e.g. on listed buildings, etc. We should get rid of these eyesores.

3. It is psychologically perverse to keep displaying pictures of cigarette (even with red lines through them) when we should be encouraging people to forget about smoking, rather than constantly reminding them of cigarettes.

2 Replies to “Repeal the legislation that requires no-smoking signs to be displayed at entrance to all public venues”

  1. These signs are an eyesore. They deface not only listed buildings but many other all attractive well designed entrances to buildings.
    When the ban was new the message did need to be loudly stated. Now everybody has got the message now, all that is required is a reminder notice ( mall no smoking symbol sign) that the building management can point to if they ever need to enforce no smoking policy.
    The signage requirement is excessive and should be reduced.

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