This is the lunatic Act introduced by the last Government to allow them to amend laws which, in their frantic churning out of legislation, they had gotten all wrong in the first place. It allows them to amend legislation without coming back to Parliament and debating the issue properly.

It should be repealed in its' entirety.

Why is this idea important?

We are entitled as a people to legislation, if it is necessary at all, that is well thought out, clearly drafted and properly debated in Parliament.

This has blatantly not been happening.

By repealing this Act, the opportunity of the Government to amend legislation without debate would end. This should

a) mean greater care of the legislation in the first place

b) remove the power to amend legislation without Parliamentary approval, and hence without the public even being aware of it.

Our Prime Minister has stated publicly that he wishes power to be retuned to Parliament. Repeal of this Act would be a classic start.

Better that Government does't use Legislation, but if it does, get it right. Get it understandable. If it isn't right the first time, have the mistakes publicly aired and get it right the second time.

This Act smacks of secret  Government, and should go.



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