After more than half a century of lies and deceit regarding cannabis and the reasons put forward for prohibition by successive governments in order to uphold the lie, the British public are wising up to the whitewash.

We will no longer accept the government's explanation of the merits of prohibition, neither will we continue to be lead astray by such pervasive deceitful policy.

The British public are far in advance of the government on the issue of the "War On Drugs", we have long acknowledged that the fundamental policy is corrupt and utterly unjust, unworkable and morally defunct.

It is now time for the government to repeal all such policies of openly lying to its electorate. It is time for the Government to play catch up with the public whim.

I demand that the government explain to the public why they have felt the need to deceive us for generations and why they have unjustly, immorally and unethically imprisoned so many citizens under trumped up charges that never made any rational sense. I demand to know why they continue to believe that it is right or correct to ruin some body's life for the act of consuming a substance that is of no consequence to anybody but themselves. Lastly, I am sure that I am not alone in also demanding that the Government come clean regarding the entire issue of prohibition and issue a deep and heartfelt apology to the public for creating and continuing to advocate possibly the second greatest deceitful  lie in human history.

REPEAL the governments ability to lie to their electorate by adopting rigid scientific and empirically lead independent bodies that can assess all comments made by government and analyse their factual content without interference from state.

Why is this idea important?

This  idea's important because as we found with Professor David Nutt, scientific empirical truth can be quashed by government lies and deceit. It is utterly unacceptable for the truth of any situation to be replaced by government spin. Policy should be empirically based instead of being based upon the imaginings of some loon who thinks they're way of life is more appropriate than somebody else's.

If the government did this, it would help raise a society whom could have trust in their politicians as currently there is a stark lack of that within the public consciousness. Most of the public think that the Government lie more than they tell the truth and they have good reason for their beliefs.

We must restore the UK to a country based on truth above and beyond everything. With truth comes freedom, liberty and prosperity instead of the status quo of dogged control by a state that is willing to use any trick up its sleeve to retain power. The British public are fast over taking their politicians with their understanding of certain issues and it is leaving our society on a knife edge. When the people can no longer trust their government to tell them the truth and base policy on nothing else then society itself will begin to crumble.

Therefore, politicians need to come clean about their past and begin afresh on a path of truthfulness and liberty for all. Currently, politicians are seen as the obviously guilty party, red faced and squirming yet still insisting on their innocence and the truth of their agenda's. They are like a naughty school boy who's been caught red handed with Johny's lunch money yet will not admit that is the case. Obviously, this is no way for a government to achieve respect and admiration from its electorate.

Enough is enough. Lie's in politics should no longer be tolerated. If they continue to do it then Britain should riot and turn this country on it's head until such time as the politicians are forced to tell the truth over and above their incessant need to lie and deceive.

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