From a non-smoker –

Remove the mandatory requirement to display No Smoking signs at all entrances  of offices and public areas.

Whenever anyone approaches a business area, whether offices, factory pool car they have a whole raft of rights and responsibilities from not littering to being polite throught to stealing and committing murder, and we  pretty well know what these are, many rules are defined by the company itself. 

For only one of these crimes or unsocial beghaviour is it deemed legally mandatory to put a sticker on all entrances and areas – no smoking.

There is of course a need in many public areas such as pubs, and theme parks,and you would  still find them there if necessary but only if it is an effective means of communication, but inside church offices, small nursery groups, or a 5 man company, do they need to be told, when every office in the land is subject to the same restriction. 

Why is this idea important?

It is only a small step and may have been useful during an introductory period – but now,next year, ten years time is just another example of an action that adds cost to businesses but providedes no benefit anymore..


It is not the cost of the stickers so much but the much greater cost of the defining placement,  monitoring and reporting that would release  time for other more productive and profit generating tasks.

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