This is another draconian piece of legislation, pushing a 4 metre wide "access corridor" round the coast, through whatever stands in its way.

This is about 13 feet, almost a two-lane road.

Most of us would support a coastal footpath, and this could probably have been achieved by negotiation and/or the threat of compulsory purchase.

This act, however, offers no compensation to those whose properties and/or businesses have been affected.

Why is this idea important?

The removal of a person's private property without compensation has been illegal forever, except as a temporary measure in wartime.

There is no justification that can allow the removal of a privately owned piece of grazing, or ploughland, or private beach of a residence or hotel, without at least some compensation. This compensation should bedecided by a Court or an independant tribunal, not the body doing the compensating. This Act legitimises theft.

And why 4 metres? Whose idea was that? How long before we have 4WD buses grinding round the coast?

This is another case of a "good idea" ( to be able to walk all round the coast) resulting in brutal, bad and probably counter-productive Law.

What price a footpath with buses running down it?

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