The fundamental issue is why are those who live within the boundaries of national parks in England and Wales not entitled to the same level of local democracy as elsewhere in the country?


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because all citizens in the United Kingdom should have equality in local democracy.

International observers describe what the residents in national parks in other countries suffer as 'soft eviction' or 'voluntary resettlement' brought about by the inability to have a decent home or job because national park policies are undemocratic and there is a conflict of interest. The same applies in the UK yet the residents have no voice whatsoever despite the fact that the landscape the law is intended to preserve was created by the ancestors of those who now struggle to exist within the suffocating boundaries while the wealthy incomers can snap up the few remaining properties without bringing quality jobs to the area. This situation is unsustainable and must be reversed, the human rights of the few must prevail..

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