I believe that this legislation is both ineffectual or otherwise flawed. I request that section 67 of the Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006 be repealed on the grounds that it is a clumsy statute that has caused very unfair and unreasonable impacts to a significant part of the community, often creating absurd situations, rather than solving problems. There has to be a better and fairer way of addressing the recording and sustainable use of our ancient highways.


Why is this idea important?

Apart from the very iniquitous way the act penalized a perfectly respectable and law abiding part of the motoring community, there have been many other unintended consequences of the act such as:-


Cul-de-sac byways; homes with no vehicular access; loss of amenity; loss of heritage & history; unsustainable routes being open to motorists without proportionate regulation; sustainable routes being closed to motorists; legitimate vehicular routes being shown with incorrect status on the definitive map and an increased work-load for highway authorities.

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