The recent law banning the owning of so-called "obscene" pornography is an affront to civil liberties and must be repealed.

This new law makes it a criminal offence for anyone to own depictions of sexual acts incorporating violent behaviour or bestiality.  It bans not only photos, but also drawings, cartoons and movies.  In fact, you cannot even cut an "obscene" clip from a lawfully distributed movie and keep it separately.

For instance, in the film "Hostel 2" there is a scene where a woman gets sexual gratification from bathing in the blood of a victim who is suspended from the ceiling, and whose throat she cuts, and then lies underneath while the blood runs onto her body.

The film was certificated and released and is legal to own, but if I were to take a copy just of that scene and store it, I would be breaking the law as the scene involves murder for sexual gratification.  This is clearly ridiculous, as all I have done is to edit a piece of video, and that act alone makes me a criminal.

Also if I were to create, say, a CGI rendition of someone having sex with a donkey, that too would make me a criminal, even though no bestial offence has actually been committed.

What adults look at in their own homes is entirely up to them – as long as no offence has been committed in the creation of the images, and as long as the images don't involve children, there shouldn't be a problem.

Let's drop this utterly pointless law – it's devisive, it's meddlesome, it interferes with people's rights, it's malicious, and it serves no purpose for the public good.  How it ever got passed into law in the first place is beyond my comprehension.

Why is this idea important?

Repealing this law is very important because it impinges so much on civil liberties.  No-one should ever have to go to prison for making a movie, image, cartoon, CGI picture or whatever, dipicting any kind of act that may be used for sexual purposes (excepting images/movies of children, of course), and in the making of which no laws were broken.

Whatever floats a person's boat, is between them and the image's creators.  The government has no place in this whatsoever.

Recently a man was prosecuted for owning a picture of a person having sex with Tony the Tiger from the Frosties adverts.  I ask you, is this what you want?

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