That professional football should not be bound by the ludicrous strictures of the offside law. The current law is totally unworkable and It is every football players universal god given right to be able to hang about by the goal line and wait for the ball to be punted up to him.

Why is this idea important?

If there was no offside law more goals would be scored so more people would go to football and this would generate more money. Also it might give England a chance of winning something becuase useless forwards wouldn't need to run about all the time they could just lean against the goal post till the ball comes near them. We didn't fight in the two world wars to have this freedom removed from us by unaccountable beaurocrates who probably live in Europe and don't speak English anyway. Also I'm not sure that anyone who doesn't speak English should actually be allowed to have a national football team. For all we know when we play the French or Spanish at football they might be making rude remarks about out lack of footballing prowess behind our backs and undermining this great nation of ours.

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