Since this was brought into force how many good business people have had anything seized by the state not just business people most people and when i say things seized this law is that bizare and evil that it's also illegal for any person if stopped by the police to be carring more than £1000 in cash at any time how many legal people with very good paid jobs carry allot of cash around with or on themselves on a daily basis not all wealthy people are drug dealers,pimps,etc wheres does it stop where the state keeps it's nose out of other peoples affairs. Homes are seized,cars,god knows what has been seized over the years since this harsh and sadistic law was brought in theirs good people in Jail right now who before this law was draughted made business decisions that would have been called good enterprise. The law just keeps getting more difficult more controlling and all we're really doing is strangling ourselves financially no wonder the countries skint plus we're sending all our own business people and foreign investment away because theres that much legislation here now even Hamster's will be having CRB checks soon. Where do you draw the line? 

Why is this idea important?

Gives back peoples freedom if a person committs a crime their punishment is loss of freedom etc but to take away any persons possesions funds anything plus put them in prison too is harsh and should be repealed. Also if anyone does get sent to Prison they're told that in some cases may be all that if they don't pay a financial penalty under this act they will spend more time inside once your punished that's enough to push more down someones throat is evil sadistic and should be stopped. 

2 Replies to “Repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002”

  1. This Law is one of the worse laws on the planet. I wish you all the best with having this law repealed. It is currently been totally abused by the police who love using it to teach a lesson to people who they don’t like with a smile. I hate this country now with this law.

  2. This POCA law is a disgrace to the british judicial system. It’s high level corruption to seize £1,000 from a citizen, that has not committed a crime. Police whom are uneducated and train for 4 months, get great satisfaction from depriving wealthy people. Bill of rights prohibits this gestapo practice, yet it’s still enforced rigorously. Absolute disgrace, civil cash forfeiture.

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