To return licensing matters to the local magistracy (if there are any left) and remove the powers of local councils, who have quite enough power already.

Why is this idea important?

PEL not only covers the sale of alcohol, but also impose tough restricitions on the performance of live music (but not on pub televisions). This infringes the human rights of self expression by musicians and other performers and, along with smoking bans, has done serious damage to our indigenous culture. Councils are tempted to exploit the law as a means of raising cash are are further tempted into operating private police forces of inspectors to enforce regulations and gather fines. Any anti-social problems under the previous arrangements were already coverwed by perfectly adequate laws. The idea that music should be a licensable activity is counter to the spirit of any creative person in a free country. The act of licensing music implies that it is generally forbidden without a permit. This is an unacceptable proposition.

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