The Race Relations Act has done little apart from create what Peter Simple christened the "Race Relations Industry". It has been around now for many years, and from day one was controversial. If I remember rightly the first case was brought by an Englishman against the Welsh, and then there was the notorious "Scottish Housekeeper" case.

Since it was introduced there is not one of us who has not attended school or shared an office or workplace with an immigrant, black or white, or with a British-born citizen of immigrant descent.

It has simply outlived its' time, and repealing it would liberate us from the enormous direct and indirect costs of the "Race Relations Industry".

Why is this idea important?

I believe strongly that in a true and free society the concept of equality should be that of opportunity and not that of legislation. The repeal of this measure to my mind would actually generate a greater respect between the races as the bitterness of seeing "them" favoured over "us" would be removed, and any position achieved by any person would only have been done on merit.

(or possibly nepotism, I admit, but nepotism is colour-blind)


For the same reason I favour the repeal of sexual equality legislation, which I think is demeaning to women. I have spent most of my life under a female Sovereign and much of it under a female Prime Minister.

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