Currently the Railways have unlimited priority over roads meaning that train barriers can close far in advance of any train arriving. For example here in Lincoln, it is common practice for the train barriers to close more than 5 minites before a train arrives, in some cases over 10 minutes in advance.


I would like the unlimited priority to be replaced with reasonable priority. It is perfectly safe for barriers to close 15 seconds before a train arrives as happens on some rural half-barriers. Reasonable should be defined as 1 minute maximum.

Why is this idea important?

We have major congestion problems in Lincoln primarially caused by too much house building without road improvement. This congestion is made considerable worse by  6 sets of tarin barriers, 4 of which on main roads, that close way too early causing much further congestion and associated frustration and an excess of exhaust fumes and carbon emissions.


The railways state that under the current laws they can close whenever they like as they have priority, it's clear that the decision to close so early is NOT a safety issue but a financial one, they can save a few pounds on re-located track sensors at the expense of other road users.


Clearly there is now little money to improve roads and other local infrastructure. This would minimise the impact of this bottleneck and help to keep the traffic moving and most importantly reduce pollution and carbon emissions for a minimal cost, all that would be needed would be to relocate the sensors that close the barriers. It is common sense which seems to be the buzz-word in Number 10 these days, it would not affect safety at all.

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