The bizarre case of Croydon.  The town that committed suicide.

All management decisions…


They seem to have sunk a town to simply line their own nests.  See below.

Why is this idea important?

Crodyon Council Boss earns more than the PM.  So let's see if they deserve it?

They seem to think so.

Erm, we could do with that regeneration guys.  Where did the money go?

Oh, that's where it went.  Could that not have waited a couple of years?

Well, that's my crowd in teh poops then.  I think we could have done with some dosh there.

And we still have….  Ok, that one is old.  But it's obvious the crime thing is still rolling on, and costs.  Where did all the dosh go?  Well, the Council staff also get final salary pensions see so…

Hmm, yeah.  Naff work for years, final salary pensions, a town near collapsed and in serious need of repair, interesting racial decisions with local cops, and…

Oh, the racial decisions?

Losing evidence?

Overkill on the ol' tasers there lads.  Light clothing, and unarmed.

And don't forget the 2 BNP Protests that were allowed by the Asylum Ques at Lunar House.  Both so close the ques were intimidated.  Including kids.  Myself and Andrew Pelling MP ( at the time ) watched this one.

If an Asylum Claimant is too afraid to report they run.  And that costs a fortune as the local Cops, and even The Secret Service, have to get involved.  And also gives a terrorist an excuse to not report, thus making catching the little bugger harder.  Yet the local cops ( Central Croydon ) allowed this to happen twice.  Not great eh?

Also those Asylum ques are un-processed.  So, assuming 15% genuine that's 15 out of 100 as possible torture survivors.  With BNP Protestors right up next to them.  Some will be battered and mal-nourished from teh journey as well.  Nice eh?  Classy old Croydon.

Gavin is working on getting help to ease local tensions at present ( Gavin Barwell, MP ), but even so.  I think it's safe to say we need the help.  Our managers can't find their backsides with both hands.

And get these huge rewards for this obviously bad work.  See the problem now?  It's the same as the MP's.  You need a more reasonable pension system across the board.  And that means you have to get rid of the old one's.

Many regs will have been brought in to make the current Councillors more ironclad.  That will need exploring, and repairing in many a way by the looks of it.

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