Go back to the previous situation where the county council social services carried out an annual check or inspection of childminders. This worked very well all the time it was in operation.

Why is this idea important?

My wife has been a childminder for over thirty years and has had over seventy children pass through her hands, until that is, Ofsted came on to the scene and declared that her supervision was inadequate. The central plank of the inadequacy was that there was not enough paperwork and posters displayed about early years development.

May I also quote the case of the two police officers who were on opposite shifts and had an agreement to care for each others children while the other one was at work. They were then told by Ofsted that they were breaking the law and had to find a registered childminder with all the additional expense that that entailed.

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  1. Please could you let me know the outcome of this matter as we have had a similiar problem with ofsted. Paper work is the only important matter and not child care according to ofsted.

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