There are 500,000 vacancies according to the NSO, and 2.5 million unemployed (rising). If all vacancies are filled there is still millions unable to secure employment.  It is unjust and illogical to make financial  assistance to prevent starvation and homelessness dependant on seeking work that does not exist.  

Why is this idea important?

Everyone who is unemployed needs financial assistance to survive.  The threat of removal of minimum assistance for those in direst need is terrifying.  The vast majority of those who are unemployed and able to work are seeking work as you can only survive on assistance, not live on it.  Using only the stick and no root vegetable is unfair in the current climate.  Those who are raising dependant children are being collectively punished for a recession not of their making.  There will always be people whose productivity is not measured in work outside the home.  The government's job is to encourage industry and therefore the creation of jobs.  It is there to ensure that the population as a whole is treated fairly.  If raising children is now perceived as idleness, then allow volunteers to claim JSA as a wage and top up with working tax credit.   This will be more palatable to the masses that the government has manipulated into vilifying the unemployed to make cutting the welfare state more palatable.

We must accept that a capitalist system in and of itself will cause some level of unemployment.  Where that system depends on the financial industry and "pretend" money (credit) then there will never be enough real cash raised to pay off the money created out of thin air that has been lent out.   A civilised country recognising unemployment is created by the very system that sustains it will recognise that pressuring the unemployed to find work that isn't there has let credit go to its head.  Just paying the assistance is cheaper than paying private companies millions to find jobs that are not there.  If it continues, then half the workforce will be employed in trying to get the other half back to work.  

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