The UK medical profession has a low international reputation, due to those with influence over policy choices, being the wrong professionals.

They are also not subjected to any public accountabity for terrible medical mistakes such as BSE, flu jabs and their barbaric approach to M.E,  all the result of using some form of "science" for policial and commercial ends.  There is no pressure or need for them to be responsible at all.

My suggestion: end monopoly of NICE as a body immune from democractic accountability and allow Parliament a veto, to determine where research funding supplied by the public is spent. The public should be able to determine which research into ME is funded. It is their money.

Make medical professionals accountable (called before Paliamentary committees) and only take advice from the best and those free from politics. Make them declare their outside interests and affiliations.

Why is this idea important?

Innocent children and adults are dying without help or care due to the current system.

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