These regulations give legal rights to certain people because of their sexual preferences that are available to no other section of society. They can get a publicly funded powerful body to bring legal actions with unlimited damages against others just because they claim they have hurt their feelings.

These regulations are an abuse of the right to hold and express one's own opinion. It is not only an attack on free speech but the introduction of George Orwell's "Thought Police."

People are losing their jobs and having to close their businesses because of these odious regulations. So anti-free speech are the supporters of these regulations that I expect this posting to be removed as "inappropriate."

Why is this idea important?

Because free speech and thought is the cornerstone of democracy. Unless violence or hatred is being promoted all opinions should be tolerated. To say that “you are wrong” or “I don’t wish to been seen to endorse your actions” is not hatred but a justifiable claim to a right to differ.

One Reply to “Repeal the Sexual Orientation Regulations”


    Dear friends,
    Another victim falls under the jack boot of Stonewall, Ben Summerskill and the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs).

    Please sign the petition:

    Housing manager, father of two, Adrian Smith, has had his pay slashed and degraded from his £35,000- a -year managerial job to a much less senior £21,000 post because he was found guilty of gross misconduct. And what was his crime?
    He dared to criticise the government’s new law allowing gays to have their marriages registered in churches. He expressed this opinion on his personal page on the Facebook website, which could not be read by the general public.

    Meanwhile Stonewall, the gay lobby group, whose chief executive is Ben Summerskill, and who were the main instigators of the SORs, are celebrating their victories at the sixth annual Stonewall Awards that will take place on Thursday 3 November at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.
    The 2011 Stonewall Awards ceremony will begin at 7pm with a champagne and canapé reception before moving to the Raphael Gallery for the presentation. Winners in ten categories will include Politician of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. Judges include such glitterarti as Gok Wan, John Partridge, Maureen Chadwick, Hope Powell CBE and Eddie Mair. The evening continues until 10.30pm with more champagne, food and musical entertainment. Tickets only £180.

    So once more I am appealing to you to sign this petition if you have not done so already; and please ask one – or even two – friends, neighbours or family members to do likewise.

    Please sign here:

    You may already have signed a similar petition of mine, earlier this year, that has so far generated over 6700 signatures, in support of Peter and Hazelmary Bull, an elderly Christian couple, who run a bed and breakfast business in their own home, in Cornwall, but who in 2008 discovered that they had contravened the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) through refusing two gay men, Steven Preddy and Martyn Hall, a double bed. In addition to having to pay damages of £3600 to them, homosexuals then besieged their guesthouse with demands for double rooms, seemingly in a bid to destroy the business. Mrs Bull, 66, also received abusive and menacing phone calls, whilst her 71-year-old husband lay critically ill in hospital.

    Mr and Mrs Bull were caught by the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Ask anyone what the SORs are and invariably they give you a blank look. If you tell him or her that they ‘Outlaw Discrimination On The Grounds Of Sexual Orientation In The Provision Of Goods And Services’ they will look even more stupified. And yet since this dull and innocuous sounding piece of legislation was enacted in 2007, decent people from all walks of life have been publicly humiliated, fined huge sums of money, lost their jobs, had their businesses shut down, threatened with up to seven years in prison *1 and had their children taken away to be put into the care of homosexuals. *2 It is only when you or a family member, like Mr and Mrs Bull, find yourself suddenly thrust onto the 6 o’clock News, for making an incorrect response to homosexual or secular demand, that this becomes a personal reality. It could happen to any of us, just as it has happened to Adrian Smith and his family.

    I am therefore appealing to you, yet again, to sign this new, Government approved e-petition, asking for the SORs to be completely repealed or drastically amended. Many of you have urged me not to give up on this issue. Will you therefore support the Bulls, Mr Smith and family and a growing list of others, by signing this petition, for if it achieves 100,000 signatures, it automatically qualifies for the SORs to be scrutinised by the Commons Backbench Home Office Committee with a view for Parliamentary debate. We need to hold the Government to their agreement. (N.B. if you are not a UK resident please forward it to someone who is). The petition, at the time of writing, has only reached just over 3200 signatures, a ridiculously pathetic response in view of the magnitude of the forces that rage around this case. Believe me this is more than an issue of simply the right to refuse goods and services to anyone whom we believe will be a danger to ourselves and others – such as being forced to sell or receive indiscriminately alcohol, drugs or firearms. We need to send out a message that we will not bend the knee to the fundamentalist and bigoted gay tyrants and their friends, like David Cameron – enough is enough.




    First, only those with their own email address can sign. Thus no paper petitions or someone entering many names on one email address is accepted.

    Second, the petition has complete anonymity, names and personal details do not appear on this petition – only the numbers who sign. We need 100,000.

    Third, this petition finishes 2nd August 2012

    Fourth if you find difficulty signing this, contact me. Don’t forget to tick the box signifying your acceptance of the conditions.

    Yours sincerely

    David Skinner October 2011

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