Smokers are now the most persecuted minority in the country.  Most smokers just want a degree of tolerance for them to pursue their vice without causing offence to other people.  The trouble is that the anti smoking stasi expect their rights to trounce all others, regardless of how minor the offence to them is. The result is that smokers have no rights.  They are unable to have an enjoyable drink in a pub or hotel, having to slink out like criminals in the cold and wet; they are generally denied a room in a hotel, where they can enjoy a cigarette, without having to burgle their way out at night.  In short, their right to enjoyment is denied them, so that all others can be spared so much as a whiff.   For this they are the most highly taxed group of people in the country – the government doesn't deem it so bad that it bans the habit.  Heaven forbid that all those taxes be lost.  What happened to no taxation without representation?  Smokers know what they are doing to their health.  They don't need Nanny to tell them.  They are probably going to DIE younger, thus saving the nation a fortune;  less cost in pensions, less chance of living long enough to get dementia; less chance of  requiring care (in a home where they will be sent outside to smoke)  The NHS is quids in – for Heaven's sake we PAY for it.

I have always been a considerate smoker.  Why, oh why can't smokers be given a little consideration?  Why can't there be smoking areas?  Even if you accept that secondary smoke can cause illnesses, this is much more likely to be where the smoker lives with or is in constant contact with others.  The occasionally puff isn't going to kill anyone,  unlike drunkards, who can cause immeasurable harm to others, so why do we have 24 hour drinking – Smokers don't binge smoke or kill people when they've been on a tobacco bender.

How about banning all manner of other behaviour that people find unpleasant and which are equally damaging to health.  Make it a punishable offence to sneeze or cough without a hanky, a hefty fine for not washing hands after using public conveniences; smelling of BO or perfume in a crowded place.   The list could be endless. 

Why is this idea important?

This is about Civil Liberties and the old fashioned notion of live and let live.  Repeal this draconian and totalitarian law and occasionally make all these healthy, pious, clean living  and selfish people give the rest of the population some of the same courtesy that they demand of us.

Otherwise have the courage to ban it's sale and let the tax burden fall on everyone.

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