Repeal the State, push it back so that it is tiny once again. allow the state to only do the things necessary to protect life & property. Here is the bottom line, government are crap at running things, they do not have owners & shareholders to answer to & be sacked by, without golden parachutes either. Sell off every single government department except for Defense & Foreign Office. Local communities can decide how to protect themselves, etc.

We would all be better off financially, just a minor levy for defense & foreign office. Health, welfare etc can be taken care of by charities, they are really good at it already. schools would be better off out of daft left or right educational policies, learn this learn that.

roads work well as toll roads, M6 is great! more of that please. There is no money, the cupboard is bare, we need to look after ourselves, come on Britian we can do this.

Why is this idea important?

We have too much government, it needs to be tiny, cost a lot less & be not intrusive in any way whatsoever. the only way we can have this is if we get rid of most government dept's & accept more personal responsibility for our own lives. Come on Britain do you really need a nanny?

Government are rubbish at spending money well, they will always introduce new laws that none of us want & will always take us into wars we did not want either. lets get rid of most of the government & help build a better more peaceful world.

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