All the laws passed to deal with the so-called ‘terrorist’ threat should be amended to remove the use of the word ‘terror’ and the duplication of offences –‘conspiracy to murder’ etc – already covered by existing legislation.  The media should be approached and asked to radically temper their coverage of so-called ‘terrorist’ crimes. 

Every day, hundreds of thousands of decent people across the world struggle against bitter poverty and oppression, yet never even consider resorting to random murder as a means of improving their lot.  Those who do serve no useful purpose in any civilized society and are, by any sensible definition, insane, and should be labelled as such. 

They have no true military resources and cannot begin to hurt us as a nation.  They thus commit their crimes purely for publicity in the hope that media frenzy will panic Governments into damaging the nation on their behalf by throwing away ancient freedoms.  In this they have been depressingly successful. 

‘Terror’ for example is a powerful, dramatic word – extreme fear.  But do these murderers terrify you?  Or are you simply concerned about them, as you might be concerned about noisy gangs of youths, burglars, muggers or drunken drivers?  Granted, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, they will kill you, but some 10,000 people year die violent deaths in this country and while each is a desperate personal tragedy for some family, it does not affect the economy or the stability of the nation. 

These people are nasty and dangerous but they are merely criminals and the things they do are crimes.  They should be hunted down using whatever national and international resources are appropriate, and brought to justice through due process, but to throw away ancient freedoms and to give them page upon page of free newspaper advertising (cost approx £40,000 per page) and hours of radio and TV coverage is to give them exactly what they want and actively encourages and supports them. 

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Our anti-terrorism laws as constituted actively encourage terrorism

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