Give us back governance of our own country. 

Remain a TRADING partner with the Eu

Give us back the right to expel undesirables, illegals and people who campaign with impunity against our society.

Give us back the right to determine our own immigration, taxation, defence and social policies.

Tear up the Human Rights act and rely on good old fashioned common sense. Start extraditing murderers and terrorists back to their own countgries to stand trial for their crimes.

Why is this idea important?

it is important that our laws should only be brought about by those we have elected to serve us.

Our society should have the right to refuse entry to illegal immigrants and the ability to send people back to their own or another country to face justice.

The rights of an individual, while important, should not be placed any higher than the rights of society.  Far too many times we see the Human Rights Act allowing stupidty to rule in place of common sense.

Britain does not want to be part of a United Europe, we have been given no choice in this matter.Our laws are created by unelected Euro Crats, our tax revenue used to support tobacco growing in Greece while smokin is banned?  Get us away from the nonsense that is the Eu. 

There is no argument for being part of the Eu.  Look at Norway, not a member and doing quite nicely;  Switzerland, surrounded by Eu member states yet still does not feel a need to join.  Why can we not have the same stance?

Why should Britain act as a safe haven for terrorists and murderers?  People wanted for these crimes in their won countires flee to Britain and once here cannot be extradited home, for to do so would breech their Human Rights because they migfht face the death penalty or "rigorous interrogation".  What about the rights of their victims?  What about my right to live safely?

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