After it was decided today not to press charges regarding the killing of the man who was walking by the G20 protest last year (but not a partaking in it) by a police officer, is it not about time that the police were subject to the same rule of law as that which they so vindictively enforce?

Charges are rarely if ever brought against violent and offensive police officers, not even in the case of Juan Charles de Mendez did a single police officer get charged with murder. They put 7 bullets into that poor innocent man's head and the resulting enquiry found none guilty of (at the very least) manslaughter. Indeed, the female police officer in charge of that operation was later promoted.

I am utterly fed up with the attitude of the CPS. They send out a message to other police persons that they have Cart Blanche to act in any manner of their choosing and this is resulting in far to many innocent people getting hurt.

The UK public have rightly lost all respect for the law due to ridiculous and unnecessary pseudo-fascist legislation that impinge on every aspect of civilian life. Mixed with the total impunity of the police force, this creates a population that has no respect, admiration or trust in their police.

Currently they are seen as oppressive enforcers of often unlawful, irrational and unjust laws yet simultaneously it is noted that they are not bound by the same rule of law as the public have to suffer on a daily basis.

Repeal the absurdly unjustifiable constant impunity of the police and have them subject to the same law as everybody else in order to restore some kind of faith in the police within British society.

Why is this idea important?

The idea's important because the UK police force have become way to powerful. It is unacceptable to have a society where the public are cowered and frightened of the very institution that should be protecting their freedoms. Instead, the police wield their powers without any regard for public welfare and they do so without any fear of prosecution. It is no exaggeration to say that day by day, the UK is becoming a police state.

The public is sleep walking into a situation that is wholly intolerable. In order to counter this, the trend for police impunity must be reversed. Police persons should be made an example of if they stray from the absolute letter of the law, thus ensuring that the public can have faith in their actions instead of fear them.

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