During the passage of the Acts pistol shooters were pilloried by the media and politicians. The result was that innocent people were found guilty of a crime they did not commit and as a result  had their sport outlawed and their property confiscated. They were made to bear the blame which should have rightly been placed elsewhere.


Why is this idea important?

British people are banned from practicing the sport of pistol shooting in their own country and so are unable to compete on a level playing field. This is also contrary to the Olympic Charter.

This was a popular sport participated weekly throughout the year by some seventy thousand,  young and old, including the disabled.

The Acts have had no effect on gun violence as the ban has only removed the firearms from the law abiding and even in his flawed report,  Lord Cullen did not recommend a ban.

I would earnestly request that the above mentioned acts be repealed in the interests of justice and fair play. 

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