The UKBA forces Universities to record student attendance and contacts (eg email contact).

There seems to be two possible objectives that the UKBA wishes to achieve.
a) To keep an eye on suspected terrorists
and or
b) to make sure people are not coming into the UK as students as a backdoor to avoid normal immigration controls.

In the case of a) keeping these records accessible to the UKBA is not going to prevent terrorist activity
In the case of b) someone who wishes to slip into the 'undergrowth' will surely have done so by the time the UKBA find out and do something about it.

My conclusion is that this action will be ineffective and that the requirement is a remnant of the previous governments attempts at centralised control. It infringes my privacy and I find it intrusive. Not only that, it is in my case meaningless. I happen to be a UK resident and so the UKBA should have no interest in me. If I were not a UK resident then I believe that I would be at best offended at worst intimidated.

In any event it is a waste of money and an unwarranted level of surveillance.  

Why is this idea important?

The UKBA requirement for Universities to monitor student attendance and contacts wastes money within the UKBA and within every University in the UK. It can have little or no benefit. 

The UKBA with this requirement also infringes privacy and is intimidatory. It must therefore be stopped. 

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