It's a horrifying thing to think that are actually people in prison in this country who are actually innocent of the crime that they have been convicted of and are now in prison. Yeah you'll get the do gooders on here saying our judicial system is good don't make mistakes "wrong" it makes too too many the kind of thing mentioned people in prison for committing no crimehappens yes in China may be North Korea but not in  England yet the harsh truth is it's happened and continues to happen .

Why is this idea important?

Merely letting the Crown Court sort the Magistrates Courts mistakes is not enough nor is letting the Court of Appeal letting sort out the Crown Court mistakes not enough either no person should be in any prison if they have done no wrong so the warrants that keep them in lawful custody are flawed illegal and have no value. We need to find a way to make sure that the guilty do goto jail but the innocent ones the truth does show it's head and stop locking up innocent people however they've come to be in jail. How can we exist as a nation critising the countries who do lock up any one when they see fit when we havre done and will continue to do so ourselves? We need to get our house in order SOON.

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