The Welsh Language Act is divisive and places and unnecessary burden on businesses

Why is this idea important?

The Welsh lanuguage Act is divisive. The need for government and businesses to provide eveerything bilingual is a gross waste of taxpayers money and paper. Particulalry as the vast  majority of Welsh speakers can speak English anyway.

There may be an increase in children attending Welsh medium schools and learning Welsh but thye are not actually speaking it. They are often sent by English speaking parents whose only reason for sending their children there is to help them up the career ladder.

The fact that employees can discrimainate in favour of employing Welsh speakers is preverse and discriminatory. If discriminationon the basis of language was included in the Human Rights Act – and lets face it all other forms of discrimantion are – this would be illegal! 

6 Replies to “Repeal the Welsh Language Act 1993”

  1. An excellent idea. The current Welsh Language Act is promoted by a small clique of Welsh Language fanatics who seemed to be determined to foist their political agenda onto the entire population of Wales. In particular, the insistence on fluency in the Welsh language for public sector employees is completely discriminatory, especially as the public sector is such a large employer in Wales. It seems ridiculous that even Welsh-born applicants are excluded from Local Authority jobs unless they can speak the language.
    Also objectionable is the fact that the Welsh language is compulsory in schools. This is the oldest trick in the book for forcing through a controversial political agenda – i.e. teach it to children as a) they can’t say no and b) it indoctrinates them while they are young. The irony is that most school children in Wales treat the language as a joke – as evinced by the 2011 census results that show that despite almost twenty years of compulsory Welsh language education, the use of the language has actually declined in the last ten years.
    Worse still, the time wasted on the Welsh language could be much better spent teaching children useful skills that might actually make them fit for the type of employment that could help to lift the Welsh economy out of dependency on handouts from England – but this doesn’t matter to the Welsh language fanatics. Just so long as they can force the language onto the education agenda, they don’t care if Wales is as poor and backward as Kreplachistan.
    It’s time for a concerted campaign to repeal the Welsh Language Act 1993.

  2. I am passionate about being Welsh but I’m horrified at the waste of money spent on bilingual signs its a nightmare driving on welsh roads.
    Cross the border into England and the signs are clearer and less obtrusive .
    I wonder how many accidents have been caused by the confusion caused by so many silly signs in Wales?

    1. Absolutely none..same as in the rest of Europe where the majority of roadsigns are bilingual in France, Spain, Switzerland’s just the monoglots that are unable to accept any other language than their this why English teenagers are the most illiterate bunch in your butt Bilingual Cymraeg are not.

      1. Acutually you can “….bet your butt ….” apparent : ” bilingual Cymraeg, are the most illiterate in Europe. Why you came bottom of the PISA educational results once again. I have no problem with speakers of Cymraeg. But they need to remember that Cymraeg is a minority language. You have no right to enforce it upon the whole nation of Wales. Without a referendum via the people of Wales. Nor the corrupt politicians in the fake parliament in Cardiff or Westminster.Wales has two languages, English is and always will be the most dominate one.

  3. I agree entirely with the comments made by Kevin Bailey and Peter Meese. When are politicians going to wake up and accept that the requirements of the Welsh. Language Act are a disgraceful waste of money not just for local authorities , NHS, schools, private sector etc but also for some UK Government Departments who have to have their guidance documents translated and available in Welsh. Welsh is purely a method of communication and has no value to the majority of people in Wales. If people want to speak Welsh, that’s great, but don’t enforce it on the majority of people in Wales who do not.

  4. I am also in total agreement, with all the above posters. Except for the the epitome Welsh language fanatic# “Tarian.” I can speak Welsh but now refuse too. As one of my relatives was subject to death threats,accusations of being a paedophile. Also despicable: “trolling,” of his dead relatives. Of course the highly illegal act of hacking his pc.
    Just because he had a different opinion on the amount of wasted money being spent on the backward, moribund “language.” If the statistics proved that there was an actual increase in speakers of cymraeg. In the apparent Welsh language s heartlands. This would not be problematic. But the amount of Welsh speakers has decreased in North Wales in the past fifteen odd years.
    You would think than in hindsight, this would give the mainly, English born language fanatic s a pause for thought. But no they are incapable of for seeing how their fascist discrimination is actually leading to a decline in speakers of cymraeg in the apparent: “Welsh language s heartlands.”
    No public sector position should have cymraeg as a mandatory requirement. As it is a minority language in the entire Principality. No comparisons can be made with any other independent nation. As they speak majority language s, or a combination of languages. Which are treated fairly.
    Also there undoubtedly should be a choice between WME and EME at primary school level in 2016.
    Mainly English or Irish origin: “Welsh language fanatic s,” should take a different approach to how they preach to other Welsh subjects in regards to their pointless hobby.

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