repeal threat of violence towards gp law -regulations

Why is this idea important?

this scheme has no chance for a person put on it to contest being put on it before it happens no right to appeal in the courts and nhs is made arbiter of whether a person is a risk/threat which is unjust and wrong.  the scheme denies people choice of who their doctor be.

a legal requirement needs to be put into law making it a requirement that the nhs tells anyone who is subjected to any error,negligence, incompetence , ommission by the nhs their staff or agents that they have been subjected to an error  current law passed earlier this year effectively legalises nhs cover ups and that has to be changed, it required nhs inform the care quality commission of such mistakes etc and exempted them from telling the people affected.

nhs staff pose more of a risk to people using the nhs than vice versa in terms of numbers killed and or damaged by what are termed "adverse incidents"

legislation such as the revised mental health legislation has criteria for deeming if someone is a threat to themselves or others if a person is not subject to a section of that act then they must not be put on a scheme such as threat of violence towards gps.

mental health legislation also needs to be rewritten as it breeches peoples human rights eg people can be asked without legal representation if they are a threat to themselves or others.

the scheme is abused and open to abuse by nhs seeking to abuse those it has damaged illegally denied treatment to and or those who have made complaints against it or whom elements seek to target politically it is part of the stasi style state that the labour government was putting on uk.

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