There needs to be an online site were repeat prescriptions can be ordered and sent to the pharmacy of your choice to be fulfilled.

Why is this idea important?

Many people myself included now have prescriptions we will have for the rest of our lives. Doctors can only prescribe 2 months of each medicine at a time. Which means every 2 months I have to make a journey to the doctors offices when they are open and request my repeat prescription in person. And then 2 days later I can collect that from the pharmacy.

Driving to the doctor is a waste of time and petrol and means I often have to take time off work. We live in an age of technology – why can’t we do this online? Better yet, why do we even need prescriptions for these drugs – the doctor should be able to initially say – yes you need this, then you should be able to collect direct from the pharmacy whenever you need a refill.

There are many ongoing medicines today for chronic conditions where the drugs are safe once past the first few months and doctors know some patients will require these for the rest of their lives. High blood pressure tablets, cholesterol lowering drugs, asthma inhalers, PPI’s to name a few.

There should be an ‘ongoing’ prescription for these, with a requirement for an annual visit to the doctor, but no requirement to have to keep getting repeat prescriptions through that year. That is a waster of the doctors time and a waste of the patients time. If cost is an issue, many of these are now available in generic form and the cost per prescription is less than £5, which is less than what we have to pay for them – at least loosen regulations on those!

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