Repeal all restrictions on Sunday trading

Legalise any drug that could be made harmless, or only as harmful as alcochol/tobacco/caffeine, if made under proper conditions by law-abiding manufacturers.

Why is this idea important?

Sunday Trading – aside from the principal idea of keeping government and religion separate, it also saves money on enforcing this law and allows businesses to generate more income by trading on Sunday – and business is to be encouraged, isn't it?

Leagalisation of possible safe drugs – What people do to themselves where is there little or no harm to them or others is their own business.  Plus you can tax it if it's legal. 

That way, not only are you not spending money trying to clamp down on it (that has not been successful in the past), and not criminalising otherwise law-abiding people, you're taking a large chunk out of criminals' businesses and generating revenue. 

Important considerations in these cash-strapped times – needing to pay for less enforcement and getting more money to pay it with.

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