Replace the flawed and outdated 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act with a national, compulsory dog ownership scheme, designed to raise standards of dog ownership and animal welfare, reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries as a result of dog attack and to rid the tax payer of the heavy burden of having to pay for irresponsible dog ownership.

Why is this idea important?

The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and, more pertinently, the Section 1 element that seeks to deem dogs dangerous by virtue of nothing more than what they happen to look like which is, when you really think about it, once of the most ludicrous notions ever conceived. Dogs are dangerous as a result of their upbringing and environment, not their breed type of physical appearance.

Since it's introduction in 1991 dog attacks have risen, death by dog attacks have gone up any and millions of pounds of tax payer's money has been spent on trying to uphold a law that is fundamentally flawed. That tax payer's money is still being squandered. Dogs are being seized who have never acted dangerously and then being held – at public expense – whilst ludicrous court processes take place where 'self qualified experts' argue about the length of the dog's tail or the width of the chest (not whether the dog has actually ever done anything remotely dangerous).

Pre 1991 no person in Britain had ever been killed by a Pit Bull type dog. Now, as a direct result of the ban making this breed even more desirable to the sort of demographic who are most likely to create a dangerous dog, we have seen animal welfare problems on a mass scale, this will get worse.

Britain should have fair and effective dog laws. This is not.

Britain's tax payer's should be protected from the OWNERS of dangerous dogs. Dogs should be protected from people who intend to use them for illegal activity. A blanket ban on 'types' of dogs does not achieve this and never will.

This is one of the worst laws to have ever been introduced in this country. Repeal it and save the tax payer from paying for a broken law.

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