Income taxes and nh contributions are simply a penalty on working and are also highly intrusive placing the worker in an adversarial position to the government !

A payroll tax similar to that in France of around 60% for which the employer alone is responsible would bring in more revenue,and would crush the "black economy" since only the employer would have to declare the payroll and its total amount . If he did not declare an employee  he would be at that person's mercy thereafter since the employee would be committing no offence ,only the employer ! There would be no more tax dodging by working "on the side" since there would be no benefit to the employee to do so ! The "worker would keep every penny he earned;

The system would of course have to be phased in over a period of time and vat on luxury goods would be increased as would high value property taxes so that if the rich made themselves employees they would still have to pay more for what they wanted in order to live their customary  lifestyle.Tax havens and tax dodging would become redundant !

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because the present system makes crooks of as all ; Even tax inspectors when pressed will admit to paying their daily cleaners in cash !!

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