Leasehold is an 800 year old Feudal system which strangely only exists in England and Wales — Scotland and Ireland have got rid of
Leasehold many years ago and replaced it with an equal Commonhold system.

Leaseholders are classed as Vassal,inferiors,surfs etc etc.

Freeholders and Managing agents are classed as Superiors.

All Leaseholders are able to do is to go to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal– However as in Trafalgar Court Mundesley this
has been going on for eleven years and the building still remains in ruin. The Freeholder there is Mr Ravinder Sharma (London Land Securities, who constantly sends out service charges to Leaseholders that make no sense at all, plus he placed many drink
and drug addicts in the building, who threatened Leaseholders,
Mr Sharma then offered Leaseholders £2,500 for the their flats that hey had paid £40,000 pounds plus for!

He also sold 13 flats to unknown names for £1 each which sill remained registered at his home address.

Unfortunately there is no law in England and Wales to stop this ripoff.

The Rowner Regeneration again brought about by Leaseholders being exploited for many years.
Seven years of going to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal again was unable to stop the rot.

Why is this idea important?

As Leasehold in England and Wales go’s back to King John 800 years ago when he gave broke the land up and gave it to many knights, these knights rented the land to the peasants! Leaseholders are now these peasants who have zero rights and are regularly exploited by service charges! This should classed as fraud!

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