Many peple have already suggested this but wanted to add my voice. Advantages are so obvious so no need to repeat but it MUST be done FAIRLY. This is not a mechanism just to increase revenue. Average miles are regarded as 12,000 miles a year so the fuel duty must  be set so an average person in an average 1.3 car doing 12,000 miles a year pays the same as now. You do more miles in a big car you pay more, less miles in a smaller car you pay less. No tax avoidance and get rid of a whole dept of SORN with their absurd paperwork and enforcement and encourage people to do less miles, car share and so on. Win win win win.

Why is this idea important?

Allows the market to perfectly regulate the system without Government interference. Instantly removes the problem of evasion and state "enforcement" and reduces the need for a whole area of bureaucracy at a stroke. It also allows flexibility for car users particularly those with more than one vehicle some of which are often business related. Contributes to environmental objectives as pay as you go has built in incentives to reduce mileage and actually rewards people for making environmental decisions rather than just taxing / punishing them.

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