Currently the contract a disabled or elderly person has to sign when living in a home refers to them as "Service Users" rather than "Tenants". This means that they have no rights under the law from being evicted from the Care Home. The Care Home does not have to give any reason for the eviction or prove any change in the persons disability to an independant body, except that they, the Care Home owners, wish the person to leave.Sometimes this notice can be less than a month!! I know of disabled people who have lived in the same Care Home for over 25 years, who regarded it literally as their home, having been evicted as a result of a change of "management policy". They have none of the rights that a Council tenant would have living in a council house, although some Care Home places are paid for by the Council and under the Council "Duty of care". In this day and age the most vulnerable people in our society should be better protected by our laws. They should not be allowed to be thrown on the streets as a result of a Care Homes change of policies or an indiviual Care Home employees vindictiveness…… 


Why is this idea important?

To protect the vulnerable disabled and elderly people from eviction without independant due process….

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