Changes to the Permitted Development Order to prevent people from unnecessarily paving over their front gardens now require anyone wanting to replace more than 5m2 (that's only 2.5m x 2m in area – not enough to park a car on!!) of paving, to apply for planning permission.  This shouldn't be necessary if all you want to do is replace what you have at the moment, with the same area of paving – that is iniquitous.  There should be an exemption if all you are doing is replacing / making good a surface that has deteriorated (something that a lot of paving is suffering from given the recent wet and cold winters).

Why is this idea important?

I don't have a problem with the concept of making sure that the risk of flooding is minimised and people don't pave over the whole of their front gardens with impervious paving, just so they can park all their cars off the road – I wholly agree with the use of permeable paving to return as much surface water to the ground as possible.  But I live on a hill with a sloping driveway (on a slope of about 1 in 7, which is too steep to use block paving on) which is approximately 3m wide and 7m in length – 21m in area.  So because the concrete surface is deteriorating and I want to resurface the exact same area as exists at the moment, I have to apply for planning permission and jump through umpteen hoops, such as pre-application discussions, and pay a fee to the Council of £150, and wait while the planning committee decides whether to allow this or not!  Which is complete nonsense!!  Why can't there be some discretion applied to situations like this, instead of increased bureaucracy and unnecessary legislation??  If all that is happening is the improvement of an existing situation, with no increase in hard surface area, why the red tape?

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  1. i dont see why your complaing a new permeable paving system is better all round quality,and performance and in the long run less cost per yearly maintanance,so it cost a few more pouns on the off set but the advantages are better for you your kids and there kids to

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