I have just joined this site after reading that 'The Coalition Government is committed to restoring and defending your freedom – and we're asking you to participate.' However, in Nick Clegg's video, he laughingly states that issues like reinstating the death penalty or repealing the smoking ban will not be considered.


Why not? I am not a child. I do not expect to be told which issues are too important for me to have an opinion on.  If the Coalition Government wants our participation, then surely full and frank discussion on ALL issues is a fundamental part of this process. In the interests of fairness, I am purposefully not stating my opinion on either of these issues, the main point I am making is that by rendering some issues taboo, the government renders this whole campaign tokenistic and suggests to me that none of the ideas submitted and debated by the people with the vote will be even the least bit considered. I wait hopefully for evidence to the contrary and Nick Clegg to issue a retraction of the statement I have quoted above.

Why is this idea important?

This is an important point because without the people of this country able to feel that their opinions are all issues are being listened to and considered in a real way by the government, then more and more people will become disillusioned and start wondering what the real issues are that the government are trying to distract our attention from.

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