Businesses should be required to have at least 5% of positions in their companies set aside for people without experience in the sector. This can be 5% rounded down, so companies with under 20 workers would not be affected, companies with 20 – 39 employees would need to have one position etc.

Why is this idea important?

It's hard enough to get a job these days, but for young people with little or no experience, it's even harder. I've known too many people who are intelligent, hard working, well-trained and qualified and willing to work, but are still stuck on benefits because everyone insists on prior work experience, even for jobs where it clearly isn't necessary.

Modern Apprenticeships help, but don't go far enough… After all, you still have to get the job to go with the training!

Setting aside these positions would stop people getting into the no experience trap. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this would give everyone that starting point. It would also get people off benefits, and move us towards having an experienced populace, more able to match person with position.

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