Why can't government bite the bullet and require that all public buildings make energy using renewable sources for example solar water heating and in particulare solar electricity? British schools would generate huge amounts of energy in the six weeks that they're empty. How much would that eventually save? New houses should also be included. Imagine the sell back savings and perhaps even for the reduction in windfarms.

Why is this idea important?

Jobs would be generated as the requirement for the panels and or windmills would need a new and much bigger industry in the UK. A phased introduction would be best as private sector companies would need time to expand their operations. A large market could eventually open up generating thousands of jobs particularly if houses had this element. In the end this is an opportunity to create jobs and free some people from the feelings of utter uselessness sufferred by those who want to work and who cannot.

Retrofit many public building to start with. The skills base would then be slowly but surely increased.

As demand increased the price for the units would and should decrease and stimulate strong market development and even stronger R&D.

This would also be a big hit for the more eco minded citizen. As a teacher of young children we need to show that we are concerned for their future and not just their fiscal future. What would be the point in having money if the environment can't support us? We can't, as they say, eat money.

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