While jobhunting I have had to fill in countless job application forms all of which ask the same questions. It makes jobhunting incredibly dull and frustrating, and as a consequence people apply for fewer jobs since this endless cycle of filling out the same form over and over again with nothing to show for it.

If the same form was used for the standard questions, and, for example, the employer had the option of requesting one additional page of information, the process would not only be less frustrating, but actually so efficient that it would be enjoyable, especially if it was integrated into the directgov website so that you could finish applying for a job within 10 minutes of finding it.

Why is this idea important?

Because the UK desperately needs a boost to the economy and enhancing the rate at which people apply for jobs would help organisations have a wider range of worthy candidates to choose from and more importantly would turn back the tide in the deprived areas of Britain by encouraging people to keep looking for work since it would be a breeze.

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