I am very upset regarding the new ideas you have on deciding, who should be eligible for this allowance!

Having been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, some 8/9 years ago, I was told this illness is regarded as a Disability, which to be honest is an understatement, as anyone with the condition will verify!

Secondly, I was in need of surgery on the cervical spine, discs 6/7 were removed and 2 steel plates inserted, a major operation which has taken me 2 years to recuperate from, plus another on levels 3/4, in 2008!

Whilst I fully appreciate the fact that this disability may be in need of closer inspections, I have had my income reduced greatly, my health has suffered greatly, by the stress I have been put under, because of a vast drop in our income, and I want to know, how am I expected to survive, when i am too ill to work!

Who decides the criteria and I think it needs more experienced people with the actual disabilities to know the pitfalls we face, and what can and cannot be achieved, not just some person on a desk job, playing God!

Why is this idea important?

Because, people who actually qualify for this benefit, may find that a person  working for the D.L.A might decide one day that you no longer need this help!

I would honestly love to be back in my job within the Post Office, and I know how difficult it is to acknowledge your disability, without having to go through this stressful process!

Staff within the department need to be trained to know, what is actually classed a Disability, and not to be so narrow minded as to believe everyone is a cheat!

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