To repeal / amend the English Law that allows Judges to: not comply with the Human Rights Act 1998; carry out judicial acts that are made unlawful under Section 6(1) of the Human rights Act 1998 and; infringe a litigant's Convention rights in Civil Cases in the Royal Courts of Justice. 

There are Decisions made by Judges in the Royal Courts of Justice that clearly rule that a litigant cannot rely on the clearly stated provisions of Section 7(1)(a) and 7(1)(b) of the Human Rights Act 1998 in terms of their judicial acts.  However, the Judges refuse to disclose which English Law they are relying on to do this.

Those Convention rights are hard won freedoms / rights that have been lost by Judge's judicial acts.  The Judges have placed themselves above the Law.

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Why is this idea important?

The need is there to ensure that there is, in practice, access to justice under English Law and remove having to seek justice through an Application to the European Court of Human Rights.  This need is contrary to the stated reason for bringing the European Convention rights into English law by way of the Human Rights Act 1998.  The denial of access to justice is also a violation of European / Community Law and the fundamental right to a fair hearing and an effective remedy.

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