At present we a have a national speed limit at 70mph from the 1960's this should be repealed and set with something more inline with the 21st century not the swinging 60's. I'm not suggesting increase it to 120mph but something more upto date. There should be a minimum limit across all three lanes lane ?mph lane 2?mph lane 3 from 70mph to something more realistic most vehicles today are equipped with multiple airbags,abs,crumpole zones,pedestrian friendly body panels and other technology most cars now have 5star Ncap safety records the Germans have autobahns i'm not saying we need go down that route but please Mr Clegg bring us into lione with the 21st century not keeping us in the Victorian era..

Why is this idea important?

Would make Motorway travel more tolerable get rid of lane hugging in lane 3 at 60mph also decrease tailgating by the idiots whose eye whites you can see in your rear view mirror at 70mph beacuse they're that close and bring our Motorway system more up to date. 

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