My proposal can be summed up simply as..

"If you are somewhere you are not legal entitled to be, whatever happens to you is your own problem.  If you weren't there, it couldn't happen."

I call it Castle Law as in "An Englishman's home is his Castle".  If it were to somehow become law, they can call it something else if they want so as to not upset foreign nationals (or some other equal stupid reason)


1.    "Excessive use of force" would need to still stand.  Sorry, no beating the guilty to death

2.    If all involved parties are not entitled to be there, the normal law also applies.  The one that committed offense is done under Castle Law and normal law; the one that didn't commit the offense is done just under Castle Law.

3.   The response to actions taken against those who are legally there by those who believe they aren't should be subject to the full extent of the law.  No "mob rule" attacks – the "mob" isn't qualified to decide who is legal and who isn't.

Why is this idea important?

I never want to ever see reports like this again:

1.      Pensioner sued by burglar for hitting him with a walking stick during the buglary

2.      Company sued under H&S law by burglar who fell through their roof while trying to rob the place becuase they hadn't put a "unsafe" sign up there

3.     Children sued by a disqualified driver for a car accident that killed the child's parents.


In case you were wondering, I DON'T read the Daily Mail.  I just want common sense and justice returned to law.

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