I have had involvement with the CSA for 10 years! It has been the worst 10 years of my life dealing with their incompetence and their intransigence. It is one thing for a responsible parent to pay child support, but it is another matter when that parent is being persecuted and criminalised. I have paid and have wanted to pay, but bonus seeking staff have continually targeted me as a 'soft option', whilst failing to collect monies from feckless fathers who have NEVER paid to support their children.

For every £1 the CSA collects it costs £1.85. Billions spent on failed I.T. projects and millions on Executive pay of £250,000 plus bonuses and also staff bonuses.

Negotiation and mediation is the way forward. the carrot with the stick on hand for failing to comply. Re-draft the childrens act to incoporatea chapter on parental responsibility!

I have been through ridiculous costly complaints proceedures many times. My own M.P. supported my case to the PHSO and then collusion and corruption kicked in to thwart any hope of justice that I had. A scandal! 

I challenge Mr.Clegg to meet me as a prime example of how not to deal with responsible parents who pay and to discuss other more cost effective ways of ensuring that children are supported by their parents, whilst at the same time restoring parity in access to their children and restoring faith in a flawed system that has no place in our society, whatsoever!

Why is this idea important?

It  would encourage parental responsibilty, financially and socially, whilst at the same time dealing with the social stigma of seperated or divorced parents and would also reduce the costs of an enormous quango to give the taxpayer better value for money.

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  1. I totally agree. But it seems that nobody really cares. There just aren’t enough people in our situaton, and the government has other priorities. The system is entrenched, and the main consideration is to err on the side of the Child, but to do it on a shoe-string budget, hence a clumsy, unfair formula that is easy to enforce, and if a few thousand fathers and a couple of hundred mothers end up paying way over the odds in Child-Support to their Ex-partner, well that’s just too bad, the governement has bigger fish to fry. I try not to let it make me too bitter and twisted, because even though I have my son for at least 50% of the time, yet still pay Child Support, at least I have a good relationship with my son and I am better off than the fathers whose vengeful ex managed to turn their kids against them – like my brother.

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