We should restore freedom under the law to enable British citizens to do anything unless the law specifically prohibits it, rather than having to ask permission.

Habeus corpus should be restored in full. This will mean resiling from the European Arrest Warrant and from the extradition treaty with the USA. Both of these enable extradition from the UK without a court hearing in the UK.

28 days imprisonment without trial is deeply offensive to liberty. This should be sharply reduced with any holding period longer than 7 days requiring the police to justify a request in a much more demanding hearing than just getting the nod from a magistrate.

Why is this idea important?

The reductions in liberty which have occurred over the last 30 years, mainly associated firstly with Irish terrorism and more recently with Islamic extremism, are inappropriate responses when it is our very liberties which have been the hallmark of our civilisation and society.

An consequence of these changes has been the impression gained by public service officials at many levels that they have a near absolute ability and freedom to control and regulate the activities and wishes of the public they are supposed to serve.

The powers given to the police have been a corrupting influence on the relationship between the police and the public. They have forgotten they are our servants and not our masters. A re-assertion of our freedoms is long overdue. 

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Perhaps Mr Clegg's initiative is the awakening of that vigilance. 

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