I am all in favour of restoring Civil Liberties and crushing discrimination.  However, we need to do it in such a way that we are not creating more problems further down the road.

I am very concerned about the threats posed by certain radical and fundamentalist members of society and their ability to stir up hatred, violence and terrorism.  We need to make sure that we create freedoms but at the same time are much tougher on those who are intent on wrecking our country.

I know it does not sound a very liberal idea but I really would like to see the death penalty restored to deal with terrorist bombers and the like.  I would also like to see the death penalty restored for serial killers, serial rapists, child abusers/paedofiles and drug pushers.  I would suggest that the law be there for use in extreme cases!

Why is this idea important?

To make this country safe again.  Make our towns and cities safe to walk around at night without the fear of being knifed or gunned down.  I feel that the Death Penalty would be an added deterant.

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