The previous Government decided that Fire Regulations which had hitherto only applied to B&Bs with six or more guest bedrooms should apply to all B&Bs regardless of the number of bedrooms.  Although the legislation was not intended to be onerous or costly, in practice draconian requirements by Fire Officers required all sorts of measures such as fire-proof doors, full fire alarm systems and so on which if implemented could cost over £5000 for a small property.  Such costs are far beyond the reach of small B&Bs.

As a result many B&Bs have been forced to close.

Small B&Bs are often little more than a couple of rooms in the owners private property.  Sensible precautions must of course be taken, but the legislative requirments currently in place, which are designed for hotels and larger properties, are singularly inappropriate for small establishments.

The regulations should be scrapped for B&Bs with fewer than six bedrooms to restore the former status quo.

Why is this idea important?

To reduce the cost burden on small B&Bs of implementing unecessay measures.

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