The previous government removed the right of grandparents to register as childminders, in order that they could look after grandchildren whilst a child of their own studied for a degree as a mature student; allowing them to be paid from the grant known as the "Child Care Grant" which could be claimed by the student, and then paid to the grandparents. It seems unfair that families should be penalised in this way, just because they want to employ a grandparent rather than a stranger.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important to families in this position, as it means that the student is able to concentrate on their degree,safe in the knowledge that their children will be cared for by a person known well by them. The grandparent is in a better position to be more flexible with their time, and accomodate any changes in timetable or arrangements. They would also be able to care for children during absences from school due to illness, which would not happen if a childminder was employed fom outside the family.This would mean that the student would not need to be absent from university in order to care for their child.The grandparent would also be able to cater for the individual needs of the children —ie swimming lessons,athletics clubs, brownies, church events, homework checks,gymnastics, music lessons, and many other activities. It is also important to the country,as we want people to be better qualified in order that they are more able to contribute to the countries finances, through their higher earnings.

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